Your guide to visiting the Dolmen County from someone who lives here!

About Me

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Welcome to Carlow Advisor, my virtual notebook of exploration.

My name is Mark and I’m the guy you might see taking pictures once you arrive in Carlow.

Wandering through the streets and off the beaten path brought me to one startling realization: I can’t keep my knowledge of Carlow to myself!

It would be a crime not to pass along everything I know about this spectacular county. There are so many visitors who never get to see the true Carlow, and it’s up to locals like me to fix that for as many as possible.

If you’re looking forward to visiting Carlow in the future, your explorations start right here. Even if you just wish you could visit, you can discover so much of the county through photos taken by one proud local - that’s me!

The Local View of Carlow, Ireland

Carlow Advisor is my personal collection of articles about the attractions of Carlow, Ireland. Everything you read here comes straight from my personal experience after years of visiting the county’s most remarkable points of interest.

My goal is to put everything I know into the world so that more people can visit with the insight of a local. I want to share the most interesting things to see and do in Carlow, enriching future visits for explorers like yourself.

The Beauty and Intrigue of Carlow

I spend my spare time wandering through Carlow’s attractions, ranging from the most noteworthy and popular to the little-known secrets. I’m still learning so much about this county as I go, and I’m ready to share it all with you.

It’s the little things that make a trip to a new place memorable. Like where to go for coffee. Is it even a vacation if you don’t enjoy the most amazing coffee? Those are the small snippets of knowledge I share here at Carlow Advisor, but you’ll also pick up some big secrets and detailed images of the county along the way.

Passing on the Secrets of Carlow

Carlow has so much to offer, but not many people know it intimately. This site delivers my personal slant on the county, complete with honest reviews and opinions. Everything is written from my own experience, and I’ve visited every place discussed.

I enjoy capturing the world on film, so I’ve also photographed every place I talk about on this site. Step into Carlow through my eyes and allow me to show you the county from a new angle. It’ll enrich your trip if you’re ever so lucky as to visit.

If you do get here and see the guy wandering the streets with a camera and likely a cup of coffee, don’t hesitate to shout out a hello!

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